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Question: When it comes down to it, do you think that all dance music is essentially the same? Why?


(I understand that this is an entirely personal veiwpoint on an extremely objective subject. This is My Personal answer)

No I don't. Different types of dance music affect me in different ways. Music is a very spiritual thing for me so I will use the Chakras in my explination. This is also the easiest way to illistrate the points I will be making. The type of trance music that most often makes it into the charts is generally vocal trance, which also merges into uplifting trance. Trance music is different to Dance music, which is then again different to House music.

Vocal Trance for me is very heady, very euphoric, on my theoretical diagram i'd place it up with the third eye and throat Chakras. I'm not a massive fan of Vocal Trance, especially on a night out. I prefer rhythms I can dance to, let my inner beings play with.

Psy-Trance. This is the stuff they play at Tribe of Frog. Very psychadelic acidy sounds with very Earthy, driving beats in the background. This music catches me right in my centre. My discovery of Psy-Trance is fairly new and with it developed a new acceptance of who i was, my social identity and personal integrety. This music I place at my Heart Chakra. Right in the ribcage where you can feel the bass thump that spreads like a warm blossom all over.

Hard Dance. This is my favorite. This is what Ripsnorter is famed for. Hard Driving, Relentless beats that burrow right into my Solar Plexus. All about Ego Identitiy, Element of fire, the colour of sunshine. This type of music travels through my 3rd chakra into my 2nd and right down to my Base. Dancing to this my inner fire, devience and wildness come out to play.

I hope this makes sense and answers the question as thouroughly as you hoped it would :)

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