May. 28th, 2009 01:25 pm
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Name 2 things that best describe me using the initials of ur first and second name, then post this in your journal so i can do the same to you :)
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An idea has hit me.. Like a steam train..  & i figure there's no better place to try and put matter to my thoughts than LJ-land.

I like to go clubbing.. & i like to take photos while clubbing.. This much you probably know.  You also probably know that i LOVE UV light and the way it excites colours with certain properties.  What i'm hoping you also know is if it's possible to (without going into silly money territory) outfit a camera with a UV (blacklight) flash unit. That is, a flash that flashes ultraviolet light instead of the usual white light.

Geek contigent of my Flist.. I'm counting on you.. GO!


Kudos and cookies for whoever helps me make this a reality.


Mar. 4th, 2009 09:35 am
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I've decided that i need to find someone who can spend a bit of time with me and help me asses what skills i have and how i could put them to good use. The problem with me looking for jobs / careers on my own is i have no idea what i'm good at. I need to find something i can do that will appeal to me on a personal level, that i will enjoy, and that i can grow from as a result of doing.  I think i have a range of unusual skillsets, it's just a case of pinning down exactly what they are. If anyone in lj land can help with this i will be most appreciative :D
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1. Glowy things

My love of light & glowy things is much deeper seated than most people realise, I love light in all forms and am fascinated with it. I think this stemms from the fact that for my whole life i've suffered with something referred to as night blindness meaning, as you may guess, that i just can't see in the dark. It is my sight that also compensates for my lack of hearing, which has also been with me since birth. anything that glows that i can potenially carry around with me is great cos its like carrying a little haven of safety with me :)

I have an extra special relationship with ultraviolet light because it turns objects as simple as a sheet of white paper into a light source in its own right which i find incredable and playing with colours that fluoresce Specifically under UV light can produce amazing results.

2. Bouncy castles.. are great fun ;)

3. Zim

I LOVE the Invader Zim series.. the best character in it *has* to be GIR who i can identify with very easily.. "Hallo floor, Make me a sammich"

4. Short skirts

hahaha, Yes, My clubbing skirts are VERY short

5. Hugs

Mmmm yes please.... can never have too many hugs :D

If you want your own 5 things, leave a comment to this post and I'll give you 5 things I associate with you...then you have to post the list on your own journal and elaborate (comedy descriptions allowed, nay - encouraged!). Also if you have 5 different words for me comment and i'll add them to this post!!

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Stolen shamelessly from [ profile] kotenok .

- Describe me in one word... just one single word. Positive or negative.

- Leave your word in a comment before looking at what words others have used.

- Then copy and paste the meme to your journal to find out how people will describe you when limited to one word.
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I stopped my meds sometime around the end of November. I realised i was forgetting them and it didn't matter more and more, so I stopped.

I reached the point where I don't need them any more.

I have a supply, incase it all goes pete tong, which i will keep around untill they expire. more as a security blanket than harbouring any intention of actually using them.

My emotional responses are returning to normal, My perception of the world around me is changing, becoming more real, more tangable.

I'm re learning how to deal with emotions and emotional stress.

I am happy. there are changes going on chemically that i don't fully understand but i have a general grasp on which is helping me manage what is happening to me as the longer lasting effects of the SSRIs wear off. You know me, overanalytical beyond the point where it's helpful to be anymore :)

Facing myself is something i know is going to happen as a result, facing my fears and demons, learning what makes me tick again, because for so long on SSRIs i didn't tick, I was levelled out and blank. This is a process that has already started happening and one that i am comfortable going through.

It's like i'm waking up. The meds provided support when i needed them to and i am at peace with that. I'm not viewing my 'getting off them' as something that should be done, or as a triumph. I needed the meds then and that was ok. Now i am ready to wake up from the sedative sanctuary they offered.

Expect to see more emotion in the few weeks (months..? i dunno) to come. I will be going through a process. It's all good :)

There are things i have to do. Things i have become conscious of that aren't doing me any favours that i have to deal with.

I'm becoming stronger than i ever have been & it feels good.

I love you all :)
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"Scientists at the University of Amsterdam have discovered that the drug propranolol, a beta-blocker, prevents the return of unpleasant memories. The finding could lead to a new realm of treatments for patients with posttraumatic stress and other emotional disorders"

I saw the headline on a daily newspaper i was scanning through at work yesterday and in that moment it cut thru all the barriers i had up like they weren't even there & i actually choked up. I managed to skillfully hide it, of course, cos i'm a pro.

I wanted to do a lil poll to find out ppls thoughts about the questions this raises for me. Answers are hidden.
The idea behind this is not that I want someone else to make my mind up for me, rather i would like some different people's opinions to help sort out all the thoughts and emotions I am having that are associated with this. Answers are to be based on the assumption that the testing of Propranolol shows that it does work in the capacity they think it might do.

Please don't be afraid to answer even if you know me a little, All opinions are welcome :)

[Poll #1350935]
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Not a nice one :( First thing i remember is being sat down on the floor, i must have been two or something, Mum's partner at the time was a guy called Mike & my memory is of being kicked by him cos i called him Mike not Dad.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Hahahahahahaha lol *giggle*  All of em, in the same hour lol
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You HAVE to watch SOLITARY. It's what you wish big brother was and more :)
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