snoweh: (Alien)
snoweh ([personal profile] snoweh) wrote2010-02-26 10:56 pm


I just had to witness, and (Destroy? Terminate? Kill? Put Down? Annihilate?) Expunge TWO quivering, gelatinous *lumps* of menstrual blood. They were sat there nestling in the pools and joyously playing with the clots. I felt myself give birth to these, Things and my poor poor (purple Super Plus EXTRA) sanitary towel was rendered helpless in a matter of only 40 minutes. I'm bleeding.. Horrifically. It's not a thing to be worried about, I have one of the Implanon implants and am prone to do this *COMPLETELY RANDOMLY* WooT.

I am also drained beyond belief, which is normal when i bleed heavily, I have the worst PMS any of you reading this will EVER have encountered in your life.. (No, trust me, just ask anyone who i've lived with) and also cripplingly painful stomach cramps.

I'm not a happy bunny...  Tribe of Frog tomorrow..... oh joy.. :/

I just needed to rant and get gratuitous sympathies.....

And for all those who did not heed my TMI warning and were grossed out.. Well, it kinda serves you right.. I did warn you..

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